Because we’re here for you. Here at HUMAN we like to think we’ve got the video game stitched up; between Mike King - who boasts years of freelance experience producing some of the most viewed content the Red Bull Media House has ever seen - and Toby Martin - bringing his extensive background in media production for several notable high street retailers and editorial appointments in the media. The tens of millions of content views don’t lie; branded content had better watch out.

Our modus operandi is this: take the process of creating world leading content and make it easy and stress free for the client. We’re strong believers in transparency, you ask - we’ll answer, honestly. And honestly it’s as simple as this, you can’t buy creativity, but you can sure hire it.


“we’re not putting a f**ing quote on the website”

- MK


While we could go on about how we’ll take your project and nurture it with the love afforded to a firstborn; we believe that our work should do the talking. If you haven’t already, dig a little deeper into some of our projects and see how we operate, check out our current reel, or flick through some photos, then pick our brains in the contact form below. This is the changing of the guard, we’d be honoured if you’d come for the ride.


thanks and goodnight,

mk & tm




HUMAN. Creative, 9-10 Jew Street,

Brighton, BN1 1UT