18,000,000 combined views… AND COUNTING


The humble hi-vis jacket has no doubt been key to the avoidance of many potential accidents in and out of the workplace. It was also a key piece of kit for the production of one of Red Bull’s most successful online videos of 2017 and Red Bull Bike’s fourth highest viewed video to date.

We set out to put tyre prints where no-one would dream of riding a bike
— Bas Keep


With professional BMX rider Bas Keep’s intention of breaking the internet via 20” wheels - HUMAN. was given the task of documenting the madness as it unfolded. Countless early starts, multiple practice sessions and a huge mental hurdle to overcome with THAT clip - this was the project that threw up more walls than could be ridden. With a feature video for release through Red Bulls own channels, along with social, and a behind the scenes documentary needed also, the cameras had to be rolling at all times.



Two years of shooting, travelling with Bas and his crew through all of the practice sessions, countless scouting missions and the stunts themselves. Hours of footage compiled into only the best bits - a four minute action clip which premiered several historic moments for BMX.

Accompanying the action film was a 38 minute ‘raw’ documentary, which through it’s deliberate, minimalistic approach, gives the viewer an almost unfiltered insight into the project.



Over 18 million combined views, with coverage in both specialist and owned media.

The closing sequence at Wandle Road Car Park, Croydon was also featured in the Discovery Channel’s ‘World Of Science’ top 10 moments, securing first place honours.




Still Images featured courtesy of George Marshall

and Eisa Bakos