When Moss Bros. turned to us and said they were throwing a party we just couldn’t turn it down. Throw in limitless cocktails from FAIR drinks and our office chairs were left rocking with the speed of our departure.


With four key looks for the black tie season; the remit was simple - create a 60 second video for each outfit, appealing to the more youthful Moss Bros consumer. ‘Luxurious’, ‘Bold’ and ‘Fashionable’ where what we were to leave the audience with. Line up the cocktails.


The key was to create engaging content that goes a step beyond product placement and engages the viewer with something of genuine merit; the device in this instance was to deliver a cocktail recipe with the effortless cool of some of London’s best bartenders, arming the viewer with an irresistible recipe to drop at their next soirée. We knew that in order to find the best we’d need help. Thankfully FAIR drinks know a few good spots and were happy to help create a few bespoke drinks.



Light setup, simple approach, less is more. The shoot had to be light on it’s feet with two locations and four videos to produce in the day long shoot.

Just one camera operator/director was needed to produce the content seen here. Running with two cameras and an audio setup - each scene was run a total of three times. The bartenders were instructed to follow the same routine to allow the edit to be stitched together neatly. What results is a short video with multiple dynamic camera angles belying a production crew far bigger than the reality.

The images you see were also produced by our operative on the day. Once the motion capture was taken care of the bartenders were instructed to go about their business as usual while we set about capturing some of the more unique and atmospheric visuals of bartending as supporting imagery. We find one of the best ways of working is to let real life happen and be in the right place to capture it - by putting models at ease and letting them find their rhythm it’s possible to create content with real authenticity,



Four social videos. Numerous high quality images.

The videos were shared socially and through the MOSS Bros. blog before the new year celebrations